Health and Welfare Frequently Asked Questions

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 1. How do I become eligible and continue to be eligible?   Adobe PDF Document

 2. If I lose my eligibility, how can I reinstate my eligibility?  Adobe PDF Document

 3. When do I notify the Plan to become eligible for retiree or disabled benefits?  Adobe PDF Document

 4. If I am eligible for Medicare, do I need to enroll in Medicare?   Adobe PDF Document

 5. If I die, can my spouse continue to be eligible?  Adobe PDF Document

 6. How do I add dependents and how long are my children eligible as dependents?  Adobe PDF Document

 7. What are my loss of time benefits?  Adobe PDF Document

 8. What requires pre-certification?  Adobe PDF Document

 9. What are the Plan's wellness benefits?  Adobe PDF Document

10. Who can I designate as my beneficiary?  Adobe PDF Document